La La Sistarz

The La La Sistarz are a hoop duo specializing in performance, roving and workshops. They met when they were quite young (they really are sisters) and started hooping together in 2009, making their debut performance at Spin Matsuri (Japan) in 2010. Born in the burbs of Sydney, “The Shire”, they are used to having two breakfasts, which supplies their energy for giggles and hoopla. They light up the stage with their quirky, sassy, creative hoop play. They bring joy and laughter to any workshop, be it at a school, party, corporate event or festival. They have performed at Spin Matsuri in Japan, the Opera Bar and The Vault to name a few. They regularly teach around Sydney, regularly at Aerialize. They have also facilitated lots of workshops at many a festival Regen, Gumball, Peats Ridge, Splendor in the Grass (Byron Bay), Burning Seed, Spin Fest and many more!