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In My Elements
Aloha, I am excited to be apart of this years Byron Spirit Festival and to return to my old stomping grounds. Since I left Byron I have travelled all over the world sharing and running workshops, ceremonies and dance events. Dance has always been my tool. Some of you may remember me as Cheze when I used to live here and teach African Dance which was my first passion and still is! However through my own healing journey it was the 5Elements that have kept me in my center and is my passion to share this work globally as the awakening times are upon us! THis is a dance/meditation that helps one to open up to experience a deeper connection with each other and with your self and the Earth.

I am offering 3 amazing retreats post BSF in Bali. The Goddess Retreat, Elemental Awakening Retreat and 5Elements Dance Facilitators training. All are in amazing locations and include 5 star accommodation and delicious local food while you dance yourself awake each day with yoga, contact dance, ecstatic dance, breath-work, and African Dance just to keep it al very real!!

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