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Tristan Bray

Spiritual Psycho-Therapist
Tristan has been a Australian dreamtime healer for ten years. He brings his in depth backround in Taoism, metaphysics, the occult, modern medical science to his clients, talks and workshops. He currently shares his skills as a therapist, life coach and councellor. Tristan believes strongly in healing the spirit by accessing our past through the dreamtime-super-conscious-state so we can free ourselves of our created imbalances and contribute more freely to healing the planet. Tristan’s core values as a facilitator originate from Americas First Nations Shamanism along with Aboriginal and Oriental mysticism.

From his mid-teens onwards, Tristan was fortunate enough to be exposed to many experiences that the mainstream would call super-natural. This has lead to a personality that lives in the polar opposite of skepticism. His healthy appetite for the unknown has lead to a lifestyle of inquiry, research and study into issues that common society would rather not give rational credit to.

Throughout his twenties Tristan has studied internationally in the healing arts. He is passionate in reminding people, how normal magic is, throughout their human experience. So many natural super abilities that we all possess to enhance our life have been squashed out of the mainstream belief system by reductionist, skeptic, stubborn scientific dogma and monotheistic religions.

In his healing practice he offers a unique blend of Australian dreamtime healing, empathic therapy, chi gung, Taoist diet & detox principals, sacred plant teachings, core body consciousness kinesiology, remote viewing, family regression healing, past life healing, ‘life in between life’ regression and psychiatric drug withdrawal.

Tristan’s healing treatments, seminars and workshops are primarily focused around clearing trauma and sharing why this is so important to all of us. Trauma is the biggest cause of ill health in our world because it often will permanently change the body’s physiology, emotions and spiritual outlook if not cleared correctly. Much of modern medicine looks at putting a ‘band aid effect’ over the current effect of trauma as opposed to clearing it, back at the creation point.

Tristan cleverly explains how this can be achieved both in terms of ‘shamanism’ and quantum physics.

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Saturday, April 1

13:00 AEDT