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Carra Bolard

Living Empowered Lifestyle Design
Yoga Teacher

Carra is the founder and owner of the dynamic and multi-faceted health and fitness company ‘Living Empowered Lifestyle Design’.

The university qualified Exercise Scientist maintains her expertise and stays at the forefront of her field through a continuance of education.

Carra is a qualified expert and well respected in the areas of sports rehabilitation, exercise prescription, sports nutrition, massage and Yoga.

The summation of Carra’s skills results in life-changing tuition for her students.

The health guru describes her role as being a ‘Confidence Engineer,’

‘I build stability in the body and the mind to create confidence within the person, engineering them to become fulfilled in all areas of their life’.

‘I combine yoga, exercise and mental attitude techniques, which when implemented facilitates the participant to build the physical and mental foundation for HIGH PERFORMANCE in work, sport and life’.

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