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Chrissie shares her insights and passion she has about the power of empathy to heal.Trained under the work of Colin Brown of New Zealand, founder of Human Potentials, Chrissie shares from her 13 years of practicing this specific modality of healing that allows a being to shift in awareness and heal rapidly with just the right questions delivered in the right way.
The work relies on the understanding that all beings have their own answers to heal themselves and when given the safe space to go as deep as necessary, trauma or heavy energy can be safely released and awareness change occurs. We can use these simple techniques to heal family members, relationship partners, children.Without putting any of your own 'counsel' in the space, allow your loved ones to feel truly heard and watch what happens. 

My Lineup Sessions

Friday, March 31

13:00 AEDT

Sunday, April 2

10:00 AEST