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Kate Nelson and Ben Treager

With Mother Earth enduring wounds from all directions, we are called to wake up to our true self, our higher purpose, and remember the Earth Warrior within. Come for an energising vinyasa sequence that will activate water and fire elements in you, letting warrior build and spirit rise. We wind down our time together with earth-grounding yin postures to restore calm to physical, mental, emotional realms. Allow air and ether to offer space for the downloads from Pachamama, from Earth Mother.
The psychedelic sounds of Benny Treager's electric guitar and heart melting vocals will catalyse our release from the shackles of mind and body. Be called to your specific purpose. Seek out your path. Envision your first steps towards serving our Earth. We close with a brief meditation honouring the elements and ancestors, asking for spirit to guide us as we rise to our Earth Warrior paths.
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Saturday, April 1

15:00 AEDT