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Yin Yoga Sound Journey

Kaya's love for mantra sound and transformational yoga on all levels continues to deepen and grow -after meeting Dave Massie on Bhakti Camp in India over a year ago  , Dave and Kaya  have been working/playing together In Bhakti, Naad Yoga and in asana ever since , weaving their magic!  

Kaya is a senior Yoga Teacher and Mentor, and has been teaching/ facilitating for many years in many interesting parts of the world! 

She is the Owner at at Yoga Bones Studio in  Paddington, Brisbane.

She has a love and passion with all things mantra/ chanting , Sound, live music, singing and Yoga!.  Bringing her love for teaching a wide range of yoga styles to marry music and healing sound is her absolute dream come true!


 Based in Melbourne Dave Massie's passion for sound healing, vibration and frequencie is something he loves to share through many instruments and energy levels. Combining together a collection of Handpans, Gongs, Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, and many more ..with The Handpan being his favourite. It was on his own healing journey while fasting on remote beach in Thailand many years ago, he first encountered this sound sculpture and was instantly captivated!. Bringing these beautiful powerfully soothing sounds into the yoga space adds another deep element to the practice of Yin.


Kaya has worked in the field of Health, Fitness and Well-being since 1997. Prior to her move to Australia in June 2011 she ran her own Holistic Health Solutions Business in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. She focused on helping people with Yoga, Energy Work, Physical Fitness and Nutrition.

Kaya’s approach is holistic in nature and she believes in the importance of equilibrium in one’s life to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. Her style is unique and she captures the hearts of many of her clients with her special ability to build strong and meaningful working relationships whilst achieving optimum results. Kaya has been practicing Yoga for over 12 years.

She has her Indian mother to thank for Yoga and Ayurveda being such a huge and significant part of her life. Kaya has spent time both travelling and studying Yoga in India. She undertook an extensive Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore, India. She returns often to attend further training and to meet with her mentors and teachers for further professional and spiritual development. Kaya also studied Yoga in the UK and took courses to specialise in Prenatal and Post-natal both in India and here in Australia. Kaya has numerous skills and training in varied areas to pull together the wonderful umbrella of services she offers her clients.

In the world of health and nutrition Kaya is a qualified Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and mentor, Personal Trainer, Massage therapist and body worker, she also holds qualifications in Exercise Physiology and Injury Rehabilitation. On a more spiritual level Kaya is an experienced Reiki Master and Teacher and works with various other healing modalities such as Guided and Intuitive Healings and work with crystals. Kaya is also a Registered Senior Level 3 teacher and recognised mentor with Yoga Australia.

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