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Malaika MaVeena

5Elements Dance Activation
Malaika is Global Earth Goddess Shamanic Tantrika. She has been sharing her gifts as the Creatrix of 5Elements Dance Activations™ globally since 2001.

Having taught African dance for 17 years. Her desire was to create a sacred ceremonial space where people could dance in wild abandon and remember their connection to their roots, ancestors, and each other as human beings while experiencing the ecstasy African dancing had provided for her when she spent a year living in an African village.

5Elements Dance is an activation of our true essence and allows for authentic movement and the individuals needs in each moment to be the guide. Having walked the Shamanic path, for a lifetime she is committed to personal and planetary awakening

My Lineup Sessions

Friday, March 31

13:00 AEDT

Sunday, April 2

08:00 AEST

Monday, April 3

12:30 AEST