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Marion Ellyard & Ron van Twuiver

Taste of Love
Marion Ellyard passionately runs the Taste of Love Festival in Byron Bay and facilitates workshops and private session around awareness, awakening, kundalini activation and communication skills, the foundation of her private practice of trauma release work, relationship and intimacy coaching.

Her journey with meditation and kundalini awakening started when she was around 14, reading a historical book on the Greek temple priestesses 'hetairais'. Since that moment a deep remembering was awakened that an inner marriage to the divine life force itself was possible and that we can share life on earth as feeling already healed and whole, honouring and respecting creation and each other.

To come closer to this longing Marion was motivated in the last 20 years has to explore art, dance, yoga (teachers certificate), meditation (meditation instructor), monastic lifestyle, extensive personal growth courses, Advaita Vedanta, Vadrajana Buddhism, shamanism, business (14 years business ownership), healing arts (10 year full time massage and healing clinic, Diplomas of massage and numerous body work modalities), years of travelling, motherhood, marriage and divorce and exploration of tantra, science and neo Reichian Bodywork.

Marion's passion is to hold space and create spaces where we can explore ourselves, feel a deeper layer of ourselves and shed some beliefs and express new aspects of ourselves.

She now works as a counsellor specialising in the Demartini method, Joe Dispenza and Core energetics with the wish to bring more joy and empowerment to people who seek to raise their awareness and bring transformation to their personal lives, their relationships, and look closer at their sexuality through her own published modality called 'Sexological Charts'.

Whilst Marion moves in the world in the energy of the soft feminine, inwardly she deeply resonates also the energy of the dark goddess kali, passionate and wild. She is committed walking a path of ongoing expansion, knowing that light and dark coexist equally within ourselves and outside ourselves and that we always carry and know the tools for the next step on our journey towards love, growth and transformation within us, and this is what she is passionate to share with you, through her sessions and events.

Ron van Twuiver

Ron van Twuiver started his journey with body based awareness and connection through dance at age 17. Born Dutch European, he has danced all over the world, mastering many styles from ballroom, contemporary dance to Latin, where he found his passion. He has spent the last 12 years dedicated to exploring the deep connection that can be found in Argentinian Tango and Latin dances, how their free sensual expression of the feminine and masculine meet together in celebration. In the last 3 years, he stepped into a deep transformation and tantric spiritual and sexual journey. He has studied and participated in many workshops and recently participated in the Pelvic Heart teacher training with the late Deborah Anapol. He runs the Mullum Tantra practice nights, dance workshops, Next Gen pelvic Heart Integration and also works in private practice from the Goldcoast. Committed father of 3 beautiful daughters he walks his talk in his life.