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Louisa Sear

Yoga Arts
Teacher & Course Co-ordinator
Bali/Byron Bay
Louisa has dedicated her life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. She is passionate in the inquiry to find ones true nature and freedom.

In her teaching, Louisa encourages the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the God in all. Louisa has had a committed Yoga Sadhana practice for 35 years. She teaches the principles of Tantric Advaita Philosophy and specializes in Self Inquiry, Therapeutic Yoga, Ayurveda Lifestyle, Mindful Vinyasa Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. Louisa teachers Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats and Yoga Workshops around the globe, encouraging students to develop a regular daily yoga and meditation practice. Louisa runs and is course coordinator of Yoga Arts.

My Lineup Sessions

Tuesday, April 4

14:00 AEST

Wednesday, April 5

07:00 AEST

Thursday, April 6

07:00 AEST