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Si Mullumby

Wild Marmalade
Byron Bay
After a mystical experience in India 1992, Si left his studies of Medicine at the University of Western Australia and dedicated his life to playing didgeridoo. He realized from this experience that this instrument was a complete spiritual tool incorporating rhythmic breathing, meditation on the AUM, music and the ability to express emotion and feelings through the voice. Not only is it a tool for personal evolution but he also knew that the sound would transmit the experience of the didgeridoo player to all those who are listening.

Si learned as he hitchhiked around Australia for two years, living deep in the outback for long periods of time by himself, he found his own way with this ancient instrument. From then till now Si has toured internationally many times with his dance band Wild Marmalade. Their unique fiery blend of rhythmic didgeridoo and drums has captivated audiences globally. Si has developed unique techniques and breathing patterns and has taught many workshops throughout Europe, Japan, America and Australia. 

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